Welcome to Ponte Luka!

First City of the New World

Current Date: April 4th, 1381

A Short History of Ponte Luka:

Ponte Luka was first founded as a military outpost in the year 1270 under the watchful eye of the Righteous Emperor Mendidus the Even-Handed, part of the aggressive colonization of the New World. By the year 1326 Ponte Luka changed considerably, earning its title, as folding colonies rushed behind its protective and ever expanding walls.

From then, it played a brief role as a common landing point for the wealthy nobility, though most left soon after, finding little prospect of profit and dirty trails of refugees as far as the eye could see. These refugees soon proved eager to take the nobility’s emptied homes and eager, as well, to work for their lives. Since then, Ponte Luka has stood as the single brightest point of the Empire in the New World.

Through its conversion from Outpost to Populous Diplomatic Center, the officials of Ponte Luka have attempted to ensure peace with the many sentient races of the New World. A long, tenuous process, yet a fruitful one, as to this date six races have an established presence in the city. This peace has also ensured the survival of Ponte Luka’s three supporting villages, that of Trigo and Carra to the north and Monziata to the south.

Ponte Luka has always struggled with criminals, within and without. Most notably, the pirates of the New World, played a particularly dark role. From the island port of Rige Risa, pirates infested the coasts of the New World, devouring ships under the orders of the Pirate King Tacius Black.

However, as the colonies were bled of all wealth, the pirates became desperate. Rige Risa fell apart without a lifeline of wealth to support it, down into a diseased slum of beggar kings with no respect for life. In a final push, every pirate that could walk emerged onto any vessel that could be called seaworthy to consume Ponte Luka absolutely.

The army of Ponte Luka, built from uneasy alliances between the native creatures of the New World along with a thinly guard force, broke under the weight of throngs of wild raiders. Pulling back behind the walls, every strong man was called into service to purge the traitors from within the town, and to hold the walls.

The blasphemous mob attempted to pull the walls apart, plank by plank, yet miraculously, through a skirmishing defense, the walls held for three full weeks, sending the pirates into impatient in-fighting and dispute.

Seeing this as the juncture between victory and defeat, the Ponte Luka coalition army, newly reorganized, made an overpowering push through the harbor gate, splitting the besieging army and beheading Tacius Black in his tent. Soon after, the pirates were purged from the surrounding villages by the strength of the unified forces, returning Ponte Luka to peace and the common fight for simple survival.

Ponte Luka

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