Roden Rabble Rouser


A (married) one-eyed ex-general of the Below Roden. In person, he is a large, grey and imposing rat, often unkempt and grimy. Deposed for his failures in the last skirmish between the Field and Below Roden (The Mid-Summer War). Has been known to try to rise the Below Roden into war against the Field Roden again, in vengeance, it seems, for his fallen brothers.


A figure of some importance, or at least Krim seems to think so. Krim has also made reference to his “Terrible Machine”.

Offo, Roden Criminologist, reported Ijax’s history to Gennaro.

Ijax had a short conversation with Gennaro, in which he learned that Krim’s report of a “terrible machine” seems accurate, and that he claims to know nothing about Red Caps or the collapse.

Afterward, Ijax rough abducted Murridoc and offered to let him see the machine if Murridoc would assist him in destroying the Field Roden.


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