Judge Almus

Magistrate of Ponte Luka


Judge Almus is an old man, tall and overweight. He might be considered intimidating if it wasn’t for his bald, cannon ball-shaped head. He is a Respected Member of the Ponte Luka council and, as such, has a seat at the front table. As a judge he is known for his fairness and apparent perception into human nature, along with his love of incense made from the finest chiropteran secretions.


Returning home the night of the collapse, Murridoc returned to his room in the Mason’s Guild to find Judge Almus waiting for him with an offer and his favorite incense. Almus asked for Murridoc’s support in the adapting Ponte Luka, suggesting “something simpler than this business with spiders and dogs and foul monkeys.” was coming. Murridoc agreed to help when Almus gave the signal, and Almus left him with a yellow chrysanthemum, seemingly a symbol of The Crysanthe.

Gennaro and Shallieth’s research implies that Almus may have provided undue leniency to several infamous pirate captains during the Pirate Trials.

Judge Almus

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