"Bad Krim", Distressed Roden


Short, with thin brown fur and covered in wounds old and new. Twitchier than most Roden. Doesn’t seem to have a coherent handle on the situation.


Found in the Poor Quarter Collapse, Krim was rescued and lifted out by Murridoc Le Lacheure. After attempting to escape, he was eventually tied up and questioned, seeming to know more about the collapse than anyone.

The next day he was taken to a guard cell for further questioning. That evening, Gennaro, Shallieth and Murridoc questioned him with Offo and convinced him to lead them to Ijax’s territory. However, upon doing so, Krim bolted from the group.

Later, Krim lured Murridoc deeper into Ijax’s territory as the rest of the group was leaving.

Murridoc (secretly attempting to kill Krim) scared Krim terribly while trying to get him to test Ijax’s Machine. Any feelings of friendship that Krim might have had toward Murridoc have fallen apart.


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